Scott Haase

@ Founder and Farmer | Blue Dirt Farms

Scott K. Haase is a sixth generation farmer working in the Southern Minnesota where he manages 1400 acres of corn and soybeans with his brother. On the farm he leads ongoing efforts to improve soil health and has increased cover crop acres from zero to over 200 acres in 2018, along with drastically reducing tillage and experimenting with livestock grazing.

Before moving back to the farm in 2006 Scott gained experience at Pepin Heights Orchard in SE MN as packing manager and helped with a major expansion in processing capacity. Before that, he studied manufacturing engineering technology and art at Minnesota State University, Mankato while working as a cook and baker.

Aside from the his large-scaled family farm business, Scott tends to his homestead nestled along the Blue Earth River where he actively develops and practices the way of life he promotes with a round-timber passive solar home, pasture and woodland-raised Mangalitza pigs, and usually just a few other projects!